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Autoscale machines are designed and built in Silicon Valley California. We feel full scale machining is the best way to see your 3D design. Having a full scale router will make you and your designs better. Offer your clients working real space full size designs that your competitors can only dream of. 3D renderings don't do it these days. Offer something you can touch with a full scale router or hotwire cutter.

Be more successful!

Consumer goods producers are striving to evolve ideas into new shapes to appeal to continually changing customer needs and tastes.
Having the right machinery to cut one-of-a-kind 3D design in full scale will decrease production timelines, lower costs while streamlining your entire development process.

Get more than just a machine.

We go beyond the cut. With owning any Autoscale router or hotwire you get access to our in house technicians and fabricators to help with the finishing process. Such as useable resins and techniques to coat your machined parts.

Machine your 3D file in full scale.

The GRX, HWX and GRW series cnc routers and hotwires are our flagship products, integrating a broad range of 3-5 axis machining, design validation and scale in a single package that's affordable and easy to use.

NEW ROUTER FOR 2016 (MONSTER series)  

XXL carbide

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